What can teetotallers drink?
There will be speciality-teas and coffees, soft-drinks, tender coconut water, juices and milkshakes available at various stalls.
Is there anything I need to carry to the festival?
Bring your own small or foldable stool or chair, water bottle (no plastic please!), and definitely an umbrella. You don't want to be caught in a downpour if the weather decides to play up. There is no telling how the rain gods operate.
What kind of clothing, shoes should I wear?
Dress like its summer, stay comfortable, but carry a raincoat. Wear sneaker, hiking shoes, sport shoes. High heeled shoes may hurt. Take it easy and leave them behind.
Are families, children, and pets allowed?
Yes, we are a family, children, and pet friendly festival. You'll need to have your pet on a leash, however, and remember that they're entirely your responsibility.
What about tickets for children?
Under-12s enjoy free entry. Children over 12 and under 16, need to be accompanied by parents or adults, and will need to buy an Under-21 ticket.
Do you have to be over 21 to attend?
Under 21s are welcome to attend, however, they cannot purchase or drink alcohol at the festival. Stall owners may ask for a valid age proof at their discretion - legal drinking age is 21 and above.
Can I use cash at the fest or tokens?
You can only use tokens, bought with cash, credit card, debit card or PayTm.
Is there a cash machine?
Yes, there will be 2 ATMS at the venue. You can also use PayTm at the festival to enjoy cashbacks.
I've What are the toilet facilities at the venue?
There will be separate and multiple toilets, for men and for women.
Is there a smoking area?
As it is an open-air venue, you can smoke anywhere, but we would urge you to keep in mind the comfort of those around you when you choose to smoke.
I’ve lost my ticket. What do I do?
Please email askus@eblitzcreations.com with your details.
Can I exit the festival venue and come back in the same day?
To minimize chances of confusion, we allow only one entry and one exit per day per ticket.
What food will be available at the festival?
Food will be available from a variety of stalls at the festival – take a look HERE for more details.
What entertainment is taking place?
Top bands from India and abroad will be performing at the festival. Keep an eye HERE for updates.
What’s the ticket refund policy?
Please see the Terms and Conditions on your ticket.
What items are restricted?
Items not permitted to be brought in (not exhaustive):
Portable furniture (if bigger than a small stool or folding chair)
Power tools
Sports equipment
When is the last entry time?
Last entry is 30 minutes before closing
Call Sania on 9980305588
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